An unfinished war

Normalmente, escribo en español, ya que es mi primer idioma. Pero la siguiente noticia, recuperada del periódico “El Nuevo Día”, de Puerto Rico la publicare en ingles. Las razones, este viernes 20 de julio, viajo por 8 días a Washington D.C. Asistiré a la Conferencia Internacional de Sida, la cual hacia más de 20 años no se llevaba a cabo en suelo americano, gracias al bloqueo. Si, ¡bloqueo! Todo aquel que no fuera ciudadano americano y tuviera VIH/Sida, no podía viajar a los Estados Unidos. Como lo manejaban, ni idea. La cosa es que prácticamente ninguna compañeras hablan español, pero si ingles, incluyendo a las africanas. Pero al final les dejo el link para que puedan leer el artículo original.

July 16, 2012

El Nuevo Día

By Dr. Ibrahim Pérez

Three decades trying to control the devastating effects of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) has caused in Puerto Rico. Ranked among the ten worst U.S. jurisdictions in annual new cases (incidence), live infected (prevalence) and mortality rate.

95% of our patients with HIV / AIDS are medically indigent beneficiaries of “Mi Salud” (health plan) and government services depend on federally funded Ryan White. Just two in ten, receive effective treatment available, although we do provide for more federal funding than forty states. About six thousand cases receiving antiretroviral therapy, but only 7% of patients show undetectable viral loads.

We diagnose three new people are infected with HIV / AIDS each day. An infected person dies every day. Of the 43 000 cases identified in the island since 1981, 23’000 have died. Our growing body of people living with HIV / AIDS round by 20’000. In short, we are not significantly preventing infection, nor are we dealing with medications to most patients with HIV / AIDS.

Ivette Gonzalez, infected in 1992 by her late husband, is a charismatic and courageous woman devoted body and soul to fight for their welfare and that of their peers. It is also a convincing speaker, always well documented and reported. She has two healthy children who have faced adversity twenty years, but has remained true to its treatment. It also has power to stand as a tireless leader of our unfinished war against HIV. Every patient should take more responsibility on the preventive aspects of their condition and the effective management of their disease, thus emulating the wonderful example of Ivette.

Twenty thousand researchers HIV / AIDS around the world will gather in Washington, DC in late July 2012 to try to stop the spread of the condition of a most dramatic way. In Puerto Rico, there are tools to significantly improve the results obtained so far. But we need a genuine and strong commitment of the government, which should show greater sensitivity to HIV-positive patients in treatment, in dialogue and seeking solutions to the many operational and administrative problems that confront them with the services receiving government.

Articulo original


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